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Ayahuasca Colombia


& Sacred Medicines Center

& Ancestral Medicines Center

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The land of the Yagè

Mocoa, Putumayo, Colombia

In a place of masterful beauty, at the gates of the Amazon rainforest, taste the opportunity of an experience in complete immersion in naturalness. Putumayo, called the land of the Yagé (Ayahuasca), has a very important index of biodiversity and is reflected in its great variety of plant and animal species, waterfalls and rivers. This land, where are present many indigenous reserves that preserve the millenary traditions and where the wisdom of plants still has a central position in the life of the inhabitants, gives us the perfect space for an inner journey towards our personal evolution.

Dates of the next encounters

09 – 23 June 2024

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02 – 16 July 2024

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04 – 18 August 2024

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09 – 23 September 2024

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08 – 22 October 2024

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03 – 17 November 2024

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Basic contribution

The basic contribution includes: accommodation and food (vegetarian/vegan meals) during all your staying, Group and individual integrations sessions, Arts Workshops, Group Dynamics and 24h/7 guidance support. Please note that apart from what is included in the list, any ceremonies or activities you choose to participate will have an additional cost. See addittional ceremonies prices.

Food (Vegetarian/Vegan meals)
Accommodation in shared room
Group & Individual integrations
24h/7 guidance support
Small groups of 8 participants

7 Days in the
Retreats Center

Personalized experience



15 Days in the
Retreats Center

Personalized experience




Personalized experience



Personalized experience

Explore yourself using different ancient remedies in a safe and expert-guided environment. In our method of accompanying  with master plants, it is essential that you decide day by day which ceremonies and activities to participate in during your stay.

Our retreat center

Situated at the entrance of the rainforest in Mocoa, Putumayo, Colombia, is a stunning house embraced by nature’s beauty and the melodies of birds. This intimate residence offers shared rooms with two single beds each. Guests can enjoy the convenience of a spacious kitchen, a communal dining table, and shared bathrooms with shower. Outside, a serene ceremonial space known as the “Maloka” awaits, while the expansive garden teems with medicinal plants, Ayahuasca lianas, birds, and diverse wildlife.

” We are looking forward to accompany you to rediscover your inner potential

Contact us to schedule a first phone call, to give you additional retreat details and get to know each other.

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About us

Our dedication lies in studying, practising, sharing, and deepening the conscious use of ancestral remedies for the development of human well-being. Our experience gained by many years of direct work with entheogenic remedies in ceremonial spaces with people from all over the world, gives us the ability to facilitate, and create the perfect space where you can feel safe and in trust to dive into your own deep experience. We are looking forward to accompanying you, sharing precious moments together, music, and a lot of healing.

Kim & Enrico

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