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Wanay Community Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Wanay Community Retreat, and welcome to the enrollment process for Wanay Community. The Wanay Community is the opportunity to connect and experiment yourself with the Shamanic Plants and Tools in the Colombian Rainforest, transform your life and growth personally. It will alter your life in a substantial way.

To reserve your space and book your Pre-Retreat Interview with a Wanay Community Organizer or Facilitator, there is a Application form that is mandatory. Shortly after receiving your completed form you will get a confirmation of approval to join our community.

Please answer the following questions. Your answers will be read by the organizer and will be kept confidential. It is an important to answer all questions honestly in order for us to help you decide if Wanay Community is an appropriate group for you. Thank you.

Please note: As this form will only be submitted if all fields have been completed, please ensure that all fields are completed. If a question does not apply, you can write “Not applicable”.

If you are having issues submitting this form please email