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Direct experiences of ours partecipants.

Kevin Retreat Testimonial

Kevin France

“I had an amazing experience here. I can’t wait to come back and enjoy this beautiful place again. The setting, deep in the jungle, is truly special. From the moment you arrive, you feel like part of a family. We eat together, share conversations, and there’s a lot of meaningful exchange.

One of the best parts is the flexibility to choose your daily program. If something doesn’t feel right, you can change it, which was really nice. The journey was incredible—spiritually, physically, and mentally it was perfect. The food was also fantastic.

I had never eaten vegetarian before, but for ten days, I enjoyed delicious vegetarian meals made with love. It was really, really nice. I highly recommend this place; for me, it was the best with the best people.”

Atimukta Retreat Testimonial

Atimukta Sweden

“My experience here was a deeply profound and challenging process. It has been incredibly rewarding and healing in many different ways. I feel that the plant medicine has brought together everything I’ve been working on over the years.

Before coming, I had a big fear that I wouldn’t be able to handle very challenging situations. The medicine showed me that I am capable. It revealed my strengths and weaknesses, allowing all parts of me to be present. I now feel able to face any situation in life.”

Cawi Retreat Testimonial

Cawi United States

“My experience here was life-changing. I’ve attended many retreats in Peru and other places in the States, but this one was different. Other retreats often sell you the Ayahuasca experience, but here they invite you onto the path of Ayahuasca. Rico explained that this path involves confronting your lies, which is a much deeper experience than just seeing visions.

Facing my lies was intense and led to a profound transformation. I cried a lot, but my heart was wide open. I can’t wait to return. This was the most profound experience of my life, and I’ll never forget it. I am deeply grateful for their love, support, and service.”

Farah Retreat Testimonial

Farah French Guayana

“I had the opportunity to truly look inside myself and confront the things holding me back from being at peace. The most intense and meaningful moment of my journey was during the Yopo ceremony. It helped me face the darkest parts of myself that I had been avoiding for years. It was a very strong experience, but afterward, I felt lighter and more able to focus on what I want to do with my life.”

Marine Retreat Testimonial

Marine St. Martin

“My experience was very positive. I arrived feeling confident, but now I feel very strong after this retreat. Every moment was important, like a path opening up with each ceremony. The final Yopo ceremony was beautiful, like fireworks of understanding where everything fell into place. In my daily life, this experience will help me stay present and bring a lot of joy.”

Maike Retreat Testimonial

Maike Germany

“The Ayahuasca ceremony brought forth powerful emotions that I wasn’t even aware of, and I am incredibly grateful for the experience. I could literally feel the music, each note flowing through the fire, into my body, and into every cell of my being. I experienced a profound sense of completeness, feeling one with the music, the fire, my surroundings, my body, my soul, and the universe. It was the most intense feeling of fullness I’ve ever felt. I am deeply grateful. Thank you so much. AHO!”